Eischens Yoga

  • What is Eischens Yoga?

    • Roger Eischens developed a type of Yoga to improve posture
    • The technique of hands on feedback engages the weak muscles in the body and can make dramatic improvements in alignment of the human body
    • High Energy Eichens Yoga is a unique and integrative style of yoga rooted in Iyengar Yoga and influenced by other styles including Taoist Yoga
    • It incorporates ideas from movement theory, kinesiology and Ayurveda
    • It is highly accessible to all body types and exercise levels
    • Its focus is on energetic’s of poses and effects created and is less concerned with achieving very complex, body-contorting poses

    An easy way to sample Eischens Yoga where ever your life takes you is with your own Eischens Yoga DVD. The DVD demonstrates 3 levels of training. You can begin with and perform the first session, which is easier and focuses on stabilization. Then later progress to the second and third sessions. Put this in every morning and in about 12 minutes, you’ve done your yoga for the day. It’s really that easy and can make a difference in your life. Jon Hinds recommends you use the Eischens Yoga DVD  for 30 days in a row, you will feel a difference! There are many benefits and this is an easy way to try out the program for yourself.

    How can Eischens Yoga Help Your Body?

    Improves Posture, Flexibility, Balance, Self-Awareness, and Pain Tolerance

    Increases Strength and Energy

    Creates Strong Core, Reduces Stress, Alleviates Pain, and Restores Natural Alignment

    What is an Eischens Yoga Class like?

    A typical High Energy Yoga class includes a flowing series of classical and modified poses, transformation work (mini workshops on poses), breathing practices and relaxation / meditation. In Transformational Work, students learn to give and receive feedback in small groups to refine poses and experience a true change in energy flow. It is called “transformational” because it is the most powerful and energizing part of this practice.

    Individual instruction in Eischens Yoga or High Energy Yoga, is also available at MBG-LA. Immediate sensory feedback is tailored to the individual by creating alignment and balance in all aspects of movement. Hands on feedback can be briefly summarized as “where I push, you resist.” By bringing awareness to deactivated parts of the body, energy flows to that area. Being overly tight, overly mobile, or in chronic pain are all manifestations of imbalances and are treated using similar techniques. Eischens Yoga or High Energy Yoga, is the way to go!

    “As a road bicyclist, it is important for me to have enough core strength and hip flexion to sit on my bike with comfort and ease for hours at a stretch. Before working with Eishens Yoga, I frequently had low back and neck pain after riding my bike, even though it was a custom fit. My hips were tight (and didn’t allow for enough flexion) and I would compensate by hunching forward, if I wanted to get low on my bike. Through my work with High Energy Yoga, I balanced my hips, creating greater hip flexion, which allows me to sit with my spine extended even in a low tucked position. Combined with the amazing core strength I have built, I can sit on my bike with a neutral spine, and I am comfortable – no neck or low back pain – for long rides.” ~Ali Dwyer

    A note on usage: Eischens Yoga – the yoga of Roger Eischens – is High Energy Yoga. The name Eischens Yoga is used to avoid the ambiguity of High Energy Yoga (which is frequently misunderstood), and at the same time pay respect to its founder, Roger Eischens, who passed in December of 2004.

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